Work and play

I'm afforded the luxury of time to play around a little with my ipad pro. It’s fun but time consuming learning to use it to a level that I’m happy with. I was playing around with textures last night and made this autumn pattern just for fun. It’s not uniform in content or style but it’s all good practice!

The monsters are part of a series I am working on through October and you can see them on my instagram. Enjoy October and all it’s fun and spooky festivities!

FB oct 2018.jpg

Work and a little play

Been neglecting my blog of late. Been on hols and back to masses of work. All fun stuff but as usual nothing I can show! Here is a little taster of my play on my new ipad pro! I’ve had it for about a month now but I’m hoping to eventually spend more time on it with actual work. 

 Fruity pattern

Fruity pattern

Work work work

I've got a lot of work on right now. Some really nice and varied projects but I can't tell you about them just yet! So here is a little bit of self promo work I snuck in yesterday. I like playing around with texture, colour (and limited colour palettes) and pattern. I want to incorporate this more into my work. I like the nice bold graphic feel here and would definitely like to develop this more.

fish 2 sm.jpg


Been a little quiet on here because work has been pretty hectic. Have a bit more time to do some self initiated work which is always nice. So here is a little farmer pig!

pig checked.jpg


Still doing the July challenge! Was sharks the other day. I love anything to do with the sea.


July challenge

I'm taking part in the July doodle a day challenge. Here are the 1st 4 images for: stars, desert, fireworks and red, white and blue. I'd love it if you could follow along my July journey. I'll be posting on my instagram account.

repeat pattern

Rainy days

It's a typical scottish summer here-rain cold,dull and dark. Inspired me to do a cheery rainy pattern!

Work wise things are moving nicely. Just finished 4 activity books plus 4 other baby books for an Australian publishers and I am now working on characters for shortbread tins! So nice to have such a variety of work