Been a little quiet on here because work has been pretty hectic. Have a bit more time to do some self initiated work which is always nice. So here is a little farmer pig!

pig checked.jpg


Still doing the July challenge! Was sharks the other day. I love anything to do with the sea.


July challenge

I'm taking part in the July doodle a day challenge. Here are the 1st 4 images for: stars, desert, fireworks and red, white and blue. I'd love it if you could follow along my July journey. I'll be posting on my instagram account.


repeat pattern

Rainy days

It's a typical scottish summer here-rain cold,dull and dark. Inspired me to do a cheery rainy pattern!

Work wise things are moving nicely. Just finished 4 activity books plus 4 other baby books for an Australian publishers and I am now working on characters for shortbread tins! So nice to have such a variety of work